Parts that do not wish to be updated(4.3)


Dawnbringer 2.0 gonna cost a million glory :wink:


Mythics are meant to be hard to get. I’m missing 1 now and it’s taken me 2 and a half years to get the rest.


I 've been playing for ten months, and I still lack nine Mythics. Originally intended to use the event keys to obtain three of them, this plan was completely disrupted.


That’s how it should be. We shouldn’t be getting everything so quickly it needs to take time.

We also have the soulforge for missing mythics.


However, there are very few players around me who can play for more than six months. Too long game progress and lack of freshness are the main reasons for giving up.

The acquisition of event keys should be equal to other keys. Legendary task can gets up to 4 event keys, or there are 8 Gem keys. It’s not fair. After losing the glory exchange, Get twice as slow again.


Yeah, so the first question was a bit rhetorical, as I was merely referencing how inane the asserted reasoning for the nerf by the devs was, though your response was quite precise in pointing to what the implementation is really for.

(Inner monologue is reciting, “don’t end a sentence with a preposition.” :grin:)

(Also, my original post had an extra “s” in there somewhere… edited it out. :slightly_smiling_face:)


I guess we may just have to use our pile of blue orbs to make up the difference for event keys.
I crafted zuul, and still have 8 minor and 4 major ascension orbs. So people should be able to adjust.


As a late-stage player who developed a hoarding strategy for my guild years ago, this discussion is focused on the wrong problem. Other than very top guilds doing 100 legendaries a week, everyone else will be facing a problem getting their legendaries to mythic.

For mythics from event keys. It used to be almost impossible to get a mythic from event keys. Thousands of keys and no one got mythics from event key. The devs don’t have to go back to that extreme, but they can lower it if that’s what they fear.

There are 38 mythics and 88 legendaries. This week soul forge has 4 rotating legendaries and 4 rotating mythics. About each month we’re adding 1 mythic and 2 legendaries (one during GW week and one from a new factions, even more with 2 new ones from a new kingdom). So legendaries are always harder to craft.

I had thousands of diamonds and all non-craftable mythics. I had nothing to spend them on. So I skipped putting a few legendaries to mythic. It backfired big time. It’s been months and I still haven’t encountered one of the two legendaries I skipped in my experiment. For those of us competing on the ascension leaderboard to see who has most mythics, that’s a disaster.

As more legendaries are added to a kingdom, it gets much harder to use event keys to get a new legendary to mythic. These are average ballpark figures from my memory and it’s more of a range really:
1 legendary kingdom (unlikely now since they’ve started kingdoms with 2 legendaries) 250 event keys
2 legendary kingdom 500 event keys
3 legendary kingdom 750 event keys

Once players go through their current stash of event keys, getting a legendary to mythic will become the new challenge.

So what are we supposed to use all our glory on after this? Glory keys? Ugh!

My suggestions:
100 a week limit on event keys or raise the price and unlimited
reduce mythics drops in events keys if that’s really what they’re afraid of, but 10 a week is ridiculous.


Thats the deal of the century, now my kid will not go to college.


One other idea. How about the glory gnome becomes event key gnome and does 1/2/5/10 event keys. :slight_smile: or the glory gnome shows up less often than the other gnomes.


With 10 a week it takes 2 YEARS! to get a mythic out of event keys…otherwise (10 a day) it’s still over 3 months


If you are only getting event keys from spoils of war then yes but there is plenty of other ways to get them like guild tasks, legendary tasks, raid boss, gnomes, vault keys, event gems, buying them with gems and probably bounty, invasions and ToD as well but I’m not 100% sure with them.


Yes. But that’s what the topic is about isn’t it? Getting too much event keys from the pack to get mythics out of it


At least we got a heads up this change was coming which I really appreciate.

Those with a huge stash of glory can spend 2 mind-numbing hours like I did buying them before the update hits if they want to.

Those who don’t have a huge glory stash probably don’t care about this change too much.


I think that has been mentioned before. The most efficient use of glory is to buy the Arcanes that comes with new troop each week. I certainly don’t really spend them on Spoils of War give the event troop will eventually turn up in soulforge


Not once you have everything traited + a large surplus of every Arcane traitstone. At that point buying troop packs in excess of what you need to get the new troop to mythic is just trading Glory for Gold/Gold Keys/Glory Keys.


First, although there are many ways to obtain event keys, more than half of them are exchanged Spoils of War. So the impact is huge.

Second, the event key is very meaningful to some players, which harms their interests. The other part of the player who is not interested does not care whether it limits the amount of exchange and will not exchange it.

Third, dev has a lot more important upgrades worth doing, rather than busy with them.such as too rich souls and treasure maps. Wednesday’s pet events was counterproductive.


I don’t like this change but I understand the reasons for it. Personally, my strategy will shift to obtaining one copy of the legendary from event keys and then ascending it with an orb. This will slow down my Zuul progress but I’m not too bothered about that.

IMO event keys are useless for mythics due to the 1/1000 chance. I burned through over 1000 hunting a specific mythic which I didn’t even get, and resolved to just craft them after that. I always advise my guildmates not to hunt mythics using event keys


I play for a little over the year and out of my 33 mythics 5 were from event chests when I intentionally tried to pull them. It’s a good way to get a specific mythic and I feel sorry for newer players that it will be much limited for them.


Same. I’ve gotten a handful of mythics from Event chests too (Queen Aurora, Stonehammer, and Elemaugrim are the ones I remember off the top of my head). While I was working on filling out my collection my strategy was to use the Soulforge to craft mythics that weren’t tied to a kingdom (i.e. Death) and use Event keys trying for the ones that were.