Parts that do not wish to be updated(4.3)


i definitely understand limiting the event keys so we cannot trade glory for mythics easily but 10 per week is a bit excessive… thats 40 keys a month most months… this means getting the monthly legendary at release without going into the negative on what you can purchase weekly means pulling it in under 40 chest. i hope they make opening chests ask how many you want to open cuz i definitely wouldnt open 50 at a time trying for the new legendary but 1 at a time gonna get frustrating too lol… 2 at a time i think i would go with so as to not overspend X.x what is even worse is that now multiple copies of common and rare troop can be pulled from event chest so chances would seem even lower of pulling the new legendary… basically chasing the new legendary will become more taxing than the monthly mythic for endgamers which makes absolutely no sense at all.


Of note: the addition of common and rare troops is not supposed to affect the drop rates of epic or higher troops. Per the devs, the common/rare/ultra-rare troops all share the same chance that is currently used for ultra-rare troops.


It takes between 2-3 years to get near everything if u played from near the beginning, I’ll pity the new players after 2 years, but not before that Lol


I am not sure what you people are referring to as “glory for mythics” when event keys have one of the lowest drop rates for mythics. I have personally burned over 1K event keys 3 different times looking for specific mythic and never received one. I know RNG, but really the drop rate for mythics is so low this should not be a factor. Basically it seems like pay to get a legendary or get a legendary to mythic.


Event keys have the exact drop rate for mythics as gem keys, and obviously higher than that of glory keys


You can open glory chests with glory. 1000 glory for 50 chests.


Correct me if wrong, but as far as I know, Gem keys and VIP keys have the same highest chance of a mythic pull, THEN event chests, and finally Glory chests


the chance from highest to lowest:
vip > guild (40k) > gem = event > glory

(odds during tina exclusive week)


Suppose you care which mythic you get. This week, you can get Gargantuar from event keys. If you try to use Gem keys to get Gargantuar, there are 40+ other mythics you might get instead. So even though the initial “Do you get a mythic at all?” decision is the same rate, you’re more than 40x more likely to get Gargantuar from an event chest than a gem chest.

Put in perspective, if you have 0 mythics and are trying to get a good one, spending gem keys and getting Gargantuar is roughly the same as “not getting a mythic” and you can’t avoid it. Event Keys let you avoid “bad” mythics.


And what at the odds of tier shop? Is it the same than event keys?


It took me 205 event keys to pull new legendary troop this morning… one by one… just want to reiterate what a horrible idea limiting our access to purchase event keys to 10 per week will be. This will effectively make pulling new legendary at release more difficult than pulling the new mythic, especially for endgame players v.v seriously dev, if the issue is endgame players dumping hordes of glory to grab a kingdom mythic during an event simply remove mythic from event chest pool, problem solved SMH


Instead, they plan to add Common and Rare cards to the Event Chests. What a horrible idea!


What’s so bad about that?


Only to replace non-event kingdom troops from event chests:

Pretty great idea IMO and one that people have been asking for for a long time


There haven’t been any non-event kingdom troops in event chests for a long while now. Common and Rare troops will lower the Ultra-Rare odds.


Shows how much attention I pay. Thanks for the correction. Still seems like a good change to me


First, I REALLY REALLY appreciate the devs giving us a heads up before the nerf to spoils of war. I’m still a little angry about how I had millions stashed away before the legendary task nerf where they removed gems.

As we get to 3 and 4 legendary kingdoms, it’s going to be so hard to get a legendary to mythic on release week. We’re going to be talking about 750 or 1000 event keys. I’ve probably got 3-4 months before my stash of event keys is gone. Then glory will be just another useless resource like souls, traitstones, and maps for an end gamer like me, just barely above gold keys.

I took off a few months from the game and was going to fill those missing troops in with event keys. Now those are too precious to use. I’ll have to hope the troops show up in soul forge in summoning stones instead.

Before 4.3 if you wanted a specific mythic you could always craft it or spend keys during a specific week. In return for easier to get mythics, finishing a legendary becomes that much harder.

The only way I’d feel better about this is if ascension orb drop rates were higher, legendaries were in the glory shop, or if the number of legendaries in soul forge every week was doubled.

I’ve really got to get it out of my head that a complete collection will ever be possible.


I agree.
The drop rates should be increased for the Blue Orb, and the Weekly Challenge Task should be given as well.