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Where do i find the arena event progress?

The reindeer aint giving me any clues at all. But atleast its cute. Ofc its there somewhere but obviously my intellect can’t grasp the steps required to solve this trivial task. So Seriously, where is it?

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Finish pet rescue, claim rewards, and one battle (or game restart) later Arena event progress will be back.


As im sure you understood that wasn’t really the point. Thank you for the answer anyways, im sure there are new players here actually pulling their hair searching for this.

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And I thought someone genuinely needed help…I guess I’m just a stupid fool.

I am obviously bad at sarcasm. You answered the question and i thank you for it.

Sarcasm should not have been used here, also using sarcasm online is often an epic fail.

No you are not, so please stop telling yourself this.

I loged into the game and just got hit but the absurdity of this still being a case. I made a poor atempt if being sarcastic and i apologies to anyone taking personal offence.

There’s an arena event? Why?

There’s the ever so helpful news area as well.
You know the only part world map screen that doesn’t have an exclamation point. :upside_down_face: