(Unofficial News) Complete Tracker to see Tracker

Complete Today’s Pet Rescue (even if you already have it at Mythic ascension)

Then complete another match or restart the game.

To see the Brand New Arena Event Tracker.

I know the devs have full time jobs so they couldn’t bother with making more than this…

Big of an announcement about a brand new event.
But to be fair to them. Given the mechanics and the “rewards”…I wouldn’t be motivated to make a big deal out of it either.


Can you explain how this works? I’ve completed all 8 pet rescue battles, but there is still no way for me to see the Arena event tracker? The pet resuce will remain active for another 15 hours and the Arena event also expires in 15 hours so im never going to be able to see this?

Restart the game

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Thanks that worked! Until now i had no idea that restarting the game would clear it.

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Restart is not absolutely necessary. It’s enough to win any battle (explore, adventure board, dungeons, whatever) after collecting the rescued pet.

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I’ll update the OP to add the extra hurdle. Thanks.
Would opening chests work as well? Assuming anything that makes contacting the server happen.