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Where are the Tauros?

I usually like to come here with ideas, suggestions and compliments, but today there is no way. I was looking forward to the arrival of this faction and I am faced with the same mistake that we saw recently in the last Mythic launched. I was very disappointed, did the basics and closed the game without starting the event. Maybe I’ll go back to the game at night and who knows, I’ll be excited to play with invisible Tauros. (sarcasm).


this is what happens when you leave cloaks of invisibility just lying around.
I’m talking to you , Harry.


“Where are the Tauros?”

They are hidding! In Labirynth! You dont see them? See! They hid themselves pretty well!


I have a more interesting question for you:

Where are the Testers?


Good one. Nobody knows. Last time anyone seen them in the office was when Covid-19 broke out… :wink:

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I do wonder if there’s no testers, or if the timelines are too short and thus there isn’t time for testers to raise an issue and the devs to fix.

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