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New Mythic changed 2 days before release?

Are we getting a different mythic now? Phoenicia postponed/cancelled? What happened?

Postpone due to copyright issue (look at the spell):


Thanks @turintuor.

Baffling. Players complain about balancing, tasks, resources, etc., but it’s this kind of thing that makes me consider quitting.

Who is leading this ship?


White-fluffy anger!!!

But well, in a sense we only know about this problem because the spoilers exists, the troop was never released infringing any copright, and the fact they are moving the release date means they actually managed to become aware of it in time to avoid another fiasco and some bigger problems down the line…

We won’t hear/read about it, but the artist responsible will probably get a stern lecture if he/she is lucky to say the least.

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Don’t worry. I’m sure they had time to balance and test the new Mythic Goblin that, after one Earth’s Fury cast, is very likely to have 50% or more chance to devour and a free turn.

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This topic should probably be under the spoiler category.

Agreed. Moved it.

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And the more he devours, the more he devours.

Might be the ultimate Delves beater. Specially with high Hoard.

Still need an answer to impervious/immune to devour troops

Cursed. (Soon™)
I’ve been using Scorpius a lot for Primal Delves. It’s “amazing” how many rooms have poison immune troops.
When the best players in the game have a hard time beating rooms. The devs have no idea how many casual players quit the game because they don’t want want to play the “Dark Souls” of match 3 games.
I appreciate them trying to make it challenging for end gamers like myself. But the real challenge is having all 4 of my Guilds full with active players. I don’t think that’s the intended challenge.


After 1 or 2 Devour, stats should be high enough to pummel the impervious leftovers.

Just watch out for rooms like the Iron Gate, before choosing your team. I don’t think any can be devoured in that room if I remember right.

Stun should work though.

There’s a ~99% chance they did hire an illustrator, and they were the one that stole the art without the GoW team knowing about it. I’d say it has nothing to do with the devs…but they probably really need to start contracting artists from somewhere else. This is, what, the third time? Fourth?


Dwarven Gate is the only troop without Fortitude trait in that room, so it could be devoured.

So far, I don’t think there is any rooms that all 4 troops are immune to devour. Some like The Iron Gate and Bulette’s Lair got only a single troop that is devour-able, but that’s more than enough. Skull-spamming after that is enough to kill anything, no matter the level.

High King Irongut might be a new key troops in beating Delve, but his high mana cost and extra set-up could cause some problems. Also, The Great Maw already cover Yellow/Brown Factions, leaving only Blue Faction to him.

Thanks, I forgot about that one. It’s not that it can’t be devoured, it’s that I was using Sylvanimora so the Dwarven Gate had zero attack and wouldn’t have made a great meal.

“Dark Souls of Match - 3” +1 to you, sir! :rofl:

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They’re surely the ones who are doing the arts of the game:

The “…and their team of talented artists” doesn’t imply that is a regular set of people.

I’ve been suspicious for a while they shop some art out to contractors. They probably have a few that they pick more than once, but if they’re uncredited it’s more likely it’s one-off spec work with the contract specifying all rights go to {whoever counts as the owner within the GoW org}.

The trouble with contracting is it takes time and effort to make sure you’re choosing reputable artists. You don’t put out contracts like that because you have time and effort.

If this isn’t true, I’m actually quite sad GoW doesn’t “waste” the less-than-a-kilobyte to put the names of the people who have made the art in the credits. If it’s a consistent team, they should be credited!

The devs have said in the past that they contract out most (if not all) of the troop and pet artwork.


Oh yeah here’s a quote for it:

There is A LOT of art in Gems of War, so we have a few in house artists and then also hire external teams. Unfortunately, this is a piece of artwork that was created by external contractors.

Seems like these external teams carry a lot of risk.