When will guilds receive some love?

I really like the 1.08 changes (for the most part) but was disappointed that another huge patch has come and gone and guilds have been ignored once again. Please tell me there are plans to shower guilds with some much needed love in 1.09.
As the co-guild master of a (formerly) top 10 guild, us guild masters could really use the help so that we spend less time administrating our guilds and more time playing the game.

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Last we heard, those plans had been pushed to 2016 to make way for the other stuff we got in 1.0.8, but it’ll definitely be in 1.0.9. Hero stuff also, hopefully.

Extrapolating from the last few majors when they invent something monetizeable connected. O,O

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Probably be in 1.0.9…

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I hope they start guild leagues next patch. It has only been in the files since over a year ago… xD

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I tried not to but this made me laugh.

I remember when guilds were supposed to get love in 1.0.6 so I’m a little skeptical until I see an official post with specifics.

That would be awesome.

dun think it would be any time soon though.

They should be pretty busy thinking how to balance the current patch as some stuff is pretty out of control.

I didn’t specify a timeframe; I was hoping it’d be in the next major patch (1.0.9) not a bug fix patch. :smile:

Could they also adapt a better way of guild recruiting? For xbox players it’s a NIGHTMARE!!! :smile: