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Guild update hype

How is hyped about guild update? :slight_smile:
What changes or additions do you expect? :slight_smile:
What would you like to see? :slight_smile:

I wish we get a small video preview :smile:


So hyped I was disappointed when this wasn’t the actual preview video. xD


I don’t know why haven’t we still got one :frowning:

Clearly we have Pokemon Go to blame for dis!

@Sirrian, @Nimhain When are we getting the guild update video(s)?

Im more fearful than hype to be honest

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After 1.7 to 1.8 I have to admit that I am more fearful then hyped. But that is also due to the fact we haven’t seen any real information on the patch other than speculations or hints tagged with maybes. I really like the game now and while the guild system clearly needs help I hope the cost doesn’t come at to much of a price in resources and enjoyment.


We could get a guild pet, each member would be responsible for taking care of some of it’s needs.
@killerman3333 for cleaning duty?
@Tacet for singing lullabies?

Sadly even though i am a guild leader i am also the custodian. Responsibilities curse you.

Console players have to deal with this AND the impending news how we are going to close the Troop gap, which will be 60+ by the time it starts, while PC gets 2-3 Troops a week.

I’m hyped for guild task nerf…oh wait