When is the next guild wars?

Is there a mistake on Taran’s, or are we having guild wars 2 weeks in a row? Or only the week of Jan 17?

That looks like a mistake. In game, guild menu says Guild Wars is in 17 days, which would make Jan 17th the real date for the next Guild Wars. But that’s assuming the bug that caused the recent guild wars delay has been resolved by then, so I wouldn’t be entirely sure it will happen on the 10th or 17th.

According to Tarans site there will be a guild ar in two consecutive weeks, starting on the 10th and 17th of January

And January 18th shows Amanithrax as a Tuesday faction for an assault instead of the Black Heart (bound to Blackhawk). Looks like 6.1.5 patch will fix these inconsistencies.

i think taran site schedule is just to be used as a guideline, not the actual schedule and it’s a subject to changes

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