Where did Guild Wars go to?

GW is no longer visible in the guild events. What’s happening? Are you guys rebuilding it into something else? Or is it completely decommissioned?


Probably a visual bug, it’s the same on Xbox.

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Postponed again.
Taransworld lists next GW happening on 5 February now.


Awesome, if it stayed that way.


Guild Wars was delayed in order to give us more time for testing before the first Guild Wars event on version 7.3, given that was an overhaul of the PVP system with a chance it could affect Guild Wars, we wanted to play it safe.

The info was in the patch notes here:


@Kafka Yes, I’m aware of delayed and retesting. That’s all fine. The GW tile was always there with the next scheduled GW. Even if that date would shift back again, it was visible. But now the entire tile is gone

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Don’t worry, the game is better without it


Taransworld is showing it for next week still. And for the one after that as well. I really wish we would get some clarity on the subject.


No the game isn’t better without guild wars. :frowning:

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I’m fearing this alliance mode. I really hope they won’t turn GW into some alliance PvP grind bullshit. GW was always about skills and cooperation. Not about hours and hours of grinding like the rest of this game already is



patch notes says specifically “we will be currently delaying the next Guild Wars.”

the last guild war we had on pc/mobile was on December 4th - 10th. following the trend of guild war every 3-5 weeks the skipped guild war should’ve already happened around the start of january which makes either next week or the following the expected date for it. (both are still scheduled on tarans)

maybe i’m reading the patch notes wrong and multiple guild war months are being skipped? can you clarify please since this info’s not on the official calendar either?

There will probably be an update before next wars to fix some things. I am of course just guessing.

Please play it very safe, and re-introduce Guild Wars in the year 2060 or so.


Guild Wars is delayed in general until we’re confident it won’t be affected by the changes to PVP.

I checked Taransworld and it looks like it’s picked up the Guild Wars data we have for one of our test servers where we do have some Guild Wars events scheduled for QA testing.

I’ve asked the team to double check the live files to make sure something isn’t in there that shouldn’t be.


Thanks for the update but do you have an estimate when it will be back? It has been 6 weeks since last war and we are really bored right now.

Thanks for the update. I would rather it be delayed and be right than it be rushed and a mess.

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The next Guild Wars will be in March I believe but just waiting for confirmation in case something changes with the testing still ongoing.


Thank you for the info @Kafka, it’s good to have a ballpark date. :+1: Even if it’s a little bit later than I would like.

So, in other words, update 7.3 broke some core part of Guild Wars? And you need update 7.4 to fix it, which will drop in March? :innocent:


I still don’t understand how does the new PvP break GWs.
Aren’t they two completely different systems in game?
Or are you trying to change GW to be like the new PvP?