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When is new update Xbox one coming?

When is the new patch coming? I’m getting real frustrated with the menu of the cards being reset after each thing i do to a card, Also the pause/freeze between choosing decks is more then half a minute sometimes.

pls, i love the game but the wonky menu changes after the last patch make no sense. I guessed you guys would of fixed that already. tx

Best anyone can say is soon™.

But some changes have already been pushed forward (arena rewards and kingdom bonuses) so we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer.

Yeah, this is spot on.

All we know:

  1. The Dev team is squashing final bugs now for the patch
  2. As of 2 days ago it has not been submitted for certification
  3. Mr. Strange posted it would be a matter of many days (he was making a coy joke). Edit: not many weeks. I don’t recall the exact quote


At least we still have a fair bit of content waiting to be unlocked while we wait.

Haha, love your comments. I like the game a lot so i sounded a bit more agitated then i realy am. But the game menu bugs feel so silly that i think i was still a bit pissed that they missed that in the last patch.

However i have much faith and a round of pvp never gets old.

I do however have all kingdoms completed yet i still miss still 1 to complete 100%. i am level ± 85

still have some challenges to complete though.