New update 2.2 on console

hello i want to know when we get the new update 2.2 on xbox one/ps4 please?

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Date not contimed yet

Probably next month after the server migration is taken care of.

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The only hint they’ve given is that they plan to release Blackhawk Kingdom before the 2.2 update. I would expect it will be at least a few weeks after we get Blackhawk before the update is released, so probably late February at the earliest.

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So many troops are currently Broken on console. Next update can’t come quick enough MO.


thank you for all you’re answers can’t wet to get the new event systems on the new update but first they fix the lot of glitches and next the migration of the servers !!!

Im hot even playing anymore till dragonsoul, mab an korvash are nerfed and kraken soon being released doesnt make that more likely either. Game turned away from strategy. 99% of cards arent viable anymore. Its gems of fotm now. Sad.

Can I have your stuff?


If stuff stands for flipoff then sure.