When are you going to introduce new medals?

I was really excited when medals were first introduced because of the possibility of so many different types of medals. But alas however many years later and no new ones have been made.
The grind is a little boring let’s bring a little life back to explore.

A few simple ideas for new medals could be 15% more gold per battle, same for souls or glory.

Please share your new medal ideas.


They could start with medals that actually do something useful for a troop, instead of boosting a stat that does nothing to help… :poop:


I would love to see medals that increase gold, souls or XP rewards at the end of every battle. Medals that have a % chance to dispel enemies would be great too, like an inverse version of Orpheus medals.


Saw this post during stream so I asked. Salty responded there’s nothing planned at the moment but possibly later on.

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Too bad. Thanks for asking.

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