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3 New Medal or Status Effects

Dear Developers!

I have been thinking and came up with at least three new medals or worthwhile status effects.

Medals or Status Effects:

Medal of Adolescence or Status Effect

  • Transformed troops on your team have all the traits and are level 20. (if already owned)

Medal of Pacifism or Status Effect

  • No Skulls or Doomskulls during the battle are coming from above. (except for abilities)

Medal of Pandemic or Status Effect

  • No reinforcements are coming to the rescue. (60/60 spawn limit already reached from the start)

That 60/60 isn’t really a limit, or else it’s broken — I definitely killed over 60 harpies when I beat Stonesong, and had mine stopped summoning after the 60th dropped I’d not have been able to succeed in the delve at all.

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Good to know.

I think they got the idea. I just hope it’s easy enough to program such features.

I would like to see a medal that can prevent your team from getting resorted. Would probably need to be % based for the devs to implement.

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One trait I’d like to see is to cancel fast, swift or enabled traits. That would force troops to have to earn their mana instead of having it at the start.

This should just be true already as a part of the game. I don’t want to have to equip a medal just to get the benefits I’ve already unlocked on my troops to show up the way they should.

Could be interesting. Bonestorm and Doomstorm should negate it. Might be better as a reduction, rather than an elimination.

Not a fan. Trivializes certain delves, ruins Life and Death (I’m for the Bless being removed, but don’t really want to see anything else happen to it), and even breaks a bunch of lesser-seen things, too, like The Dragon Soul dropping a Hail-Mary Baby Dragon.

That’s true, but if the enemy transforms your troops, they will be traitless and at level 10.
The Possessed King is just one example.

Maybe a new trait to the troops than?

Final Form -> Unit is immune to transform ability.

As for medals, i guess such one could be nice:
Enemies loose 10% of their max mana at the start of the battle.

Stacking up, so empowered units would start with 70% of their mana only. Which could be a meta-changer for some of def teams/offense teams.

I think that all Mechs and Constructs should have such an ability.

Optimus Prime would like a word with you…

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You are effectively creating a 6 color storm…seems ripe to bakfire.

It could prove useful in Delves. Even the % reduction of all Doomskulls and Skulls would do the trick.