Feature request: Reflect Status

One of the reasons I love this game, and have played for so long, is the tactical depth of many troop combinations. Strategies and counters and counter-counters… I do not love the recent trend toward increased randomness of effects of many troops and heroic gems. With that in mind, I have an idea that would really get the creative juices flowing again:

Status Reflect: “I’m Rubber, You’re Glue”. A trait whereby any negative status effect that would inflict the troop is instead applied to the caster (Could either respect or ignore caster’s immunities, I would be happy with either).

I feel like this would really spice things up again, and add some balance to a PvP meta dominated by Elementalist.


Not “Right back atcha”? :slight_smile:

Kind of interesting, would you rather picture that as a trait or a positive status effect? The former would mean, it will likely only be available to new troops, while an effect, that is spread by 4-matches or spells, will miss out the crucial first round (and pre-battle effects).
It won’t do much against Elementalists though, with those being immune to their two more harmful effects (and skipping immunities would certainly lead to a different kind of troubles).
Right now, I am putting more hope into Medusa as an Ele-killer, once she becomes available for free.

(P.S.: About naming the thing, I would suggest “No, you smell”)

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I’ve thought about this quite a bit, and I think I prefer it to be a passive (trait). Elemental Force requires a 4-match to trigger, but this trait would require it to be the target of a negative effect to trigger, so in that way it’s useless against a team that does not inflict status effects… But against a team that does, this is basically an upgraded “Impervious” where not only can it not be inflicted with negative statuses, it reflects them…

If that’s too powerful, I would also be happy with the troop(s) having this trait also being immune to positive status effects, which is another mechanic missing from the tactical playing field so far in GoW. Trading an improved invulnerable for a troop that cannot be enchanted, or barriered, or submerged… seems like it could be really fun and interesting.

Another route for balance would be for the negative effects to land on the troop, but for them ALSO to be reflected; that would also limit the effectiveness (especially if it could be stunned in this way). Unfortunately since Elementalist is immune to stun at level 100, this weakened version is significantly weaker. But still better than nothing.

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Thought about this part too, sounds like a logical addition. Also, curse does make troops unable to receive or keep positive effects, so in that way it already exists.

Having the effect also hitting the reflected troop would go too far in weakening it, I think. Especially when it comes to stun and turns off the trait again.

I could picture this trait as the thing of an upcoming kingdom very well, possibly also for the hero class that comes with it. As long as it only covers status effects (minus curse, which still should hit) and not devour, mana drain and instant kill, it won’t make impervious/invulnerable obsolete either.

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yeah, I thought of this also; Curse removes any and all immunities in addition to preventing positive status effects, so it’s quite a bit stronger than just “prevents positive effects.”

Maybe “Unlucky” would be the toned down version of Cursed that prevents positive effects without adding the vulnerability to negative effects. Something to fantasize about, anyway…

For sake of consistency with existing buffs (Reflect/Barrier) I think this potential status buff needs to be consumed upon use. Otherwise it’s functionally just a better Blessed (and Blessed automatically dispels itself when the user spellcasts).

However, unlike Barrier and Reflect it is not enough for “Reflect Status” to simply reflect one status ailment back, but rather all status effects received during the same turn as each other (i.e. if any status ailment was reflected then it expires at end of that turn). Otherwise, it is basically useless against multi-status attacks (i.e. everything from Dragonette to Essence of Evil).

Alternatively: What if the existing Reflect buff was upgraded to include status effects too?