Trait Idea: Reflect


“Any Status Effect inflicted instead is applied to the Caster”

I put no thought into how this would affect Troops, however some would be natually immune to it. Take Goblin Rocket with Aflame & Fireproof.


I’ll take bets on it getting bugged out by Barrier. :3


Barrier prevents damage. What Status Effect applies damage when casted?


I mean by the application of the “friendly” status effect, Barrier, to a troop that reflects it. I’m just snarking that it’ll be bugged out of the gate. :wink:


I love this idea, its a counter to devour… it could devour itself and remove itself from the game.


Then whoever Casted Barrier would instead recieve it.

There’s precedence in other games with Reflect and what happens if you hit a friendly. I believe a boss in one Final Fantasy could only be hit if you Reflected spells off your team onto it, because it had Reflect itself


Yep, off the top of my head I know that Asura in FFIV as well as the entirety of the Cultists’ Tower in FFVI were best handled with Reflect.


There was a few FF games (VII I believe) where you could cast reflect on each of you teams members then cast an “All” spell targeting your team and the spell would be cast 3 times against the opponent


Yes, and in the Cultist’s Tower in FFVI, that was the only way to actually progress. You couldn’t use physical attacks, and most of the enemies had Reflect. You had to bounce spells off of yourself to win.


Devour isn’t a status effect… status effects are ‘conditions’ that hang around with a lingering effect…

For the OP: yep, like the idea.


Yes it was the Cultist’s Tower! That was what I was thinking about earlier!