New Spell Effect - Bounce

the next spell to hit a troop with bounce is reflected back at the caster (regardless of ally or enemy). this could be used both on offense or defense

I actually think reflecting spells is not an area that we want to get into too much. I can see that leading the way to OP real quick. That’s why I proposed only having reflect to skull damage. It’s simple enough and targets only one specific kind of damage.

If they ever put reflect/bounce on a certified damage dealer, we could be in for a ride. :joy:

If they limited it to usable defenders though, then maybe. Something where the only purpose of that troop is to block damage. Similar to a gate of sorts.

i wonder how it will reflect devour. what will happens to the troop if it devour itself?

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Your computer divides by zero, calculates pi to the last digit, finds a O(log n) solution to the Traveling Salesman problem, and proceeds to install Windows 10 without prompting you first.


They fixed that in the last patch - now it just finds an O(n) solution. (Everything else is the same)

devour… well like barrier, devour would devour the bounce and now have bounce! lol