New Ability/Status effect

I was just thinking how cool would it be if there was a reflect status effect or barrier from status effect. Similarl to reflect and barrier, but instead of damage for effects. Imagine someone through essence of evil and it reflected back on them or it just removed a status effect barrier

Keep in mind we already have “Blessed” which blocks status effects, the main difference is that it remains active until the user’s next spellcast or until specifically Dispelled (which includes Curse).

Yes, which is why i was suggesting something different. Barrier for a status effect would be different. First it wouldn’t remove status effects alread in play. I would make status barrier immune to curse, so EOE would not work on it. You would need to use it to remove the status barrier. Dispel would remove the status barrier as well. Just some cool new ideas. Reflect status would work pretty cool as well.