Lets talk about Status Effects!


Lets talk about status effects:
This is a little old, lifted from a different post of mine, but I think it merits it’s own!

In the game these are the amount of times each effect shows up (on a troop, I didn’t go through weapons)

Burn 7 Via Traitstone 6 Immune 8
Poison 8 Via Traitstone 7 Immune 17
H Mark 2 Via Traitstone 0 Immune 6
D Mark 1 Via Traitstone 2 Immune 2
Frozen 2 Via Traitstone 2 Immune 1
Entangle 5 Via Traitstone 0 Immune 6
Disease 1 Via Traitstone 0 Immune 0
Silence 2 Via Traitstone 0 Immune 13

By far the most represented are burn and poison. The LEAST are pretty much all the rest.

I have been saying for a long time that things like Hunters mark need to be on more troops. It is almost pointless for them to exist because they are so rare that they may have not even been programmed in.

There are 28 troops that cause status effects as their main power, and 17 that do it from a TS. A pretty small amount of the total troops available. (I think more as this was originally written almost 2 months ago).

I think that more troops should do more status effects also! Heck there are two troops with the name “Hunter” in them that dont apply hunters mark!

This should show you just how pointless traits like “immune to death mark” are. Either make the trait a universal for the team, or add a whole lot more status effects in the game. Adding more (which would be my preference) is a great way to make lower end troops more viable as well!

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The numbers don’t seem completely right for some of the effects, but that is just unimportant detail, i wholeheartedly agree with the point of your post.


Great post. Sea Troll is immune to Disease.


Another trait that feels like it’s been wasted on something that will never ever see play.


I definitely agree. After playing Sister’s defence so much, I realized that the troops with Impervious aren’t dynamic enough to field together ( Granted I don’t have Swamplash or Tau traited to make such a statement). I just use Herdmaster and hope I can kill the Silent One before he dies. I have seen Death Mark work once. Does it reset every time the effect is applied? I have always wondered that.

This is bias on my part, but Venoxia is my favorite legendary and I wish Poison was as effective as Burn.


I’m probably the only person who’s seen Death Mark work relatively consistently.

Then again I am using the hero weapon that marks 2 of them so it’s used a lot. Yes most times it whiffs, but it’s come through enough for me as well.


This will need updating in say about 10 hours tops.


Maybe. Unless you know something I don’t.


I am not saying anything about what i know about the next update, where certain troops gain status effects and others lose them.


The Silent One has a trait that causes silence on skull damage so via traitstone should be 1