What's Happening Next Week?

Does anyone know what will be taking the place of the weekly event next week? The Devs said they are postponing the new Campaign, but I didn’t see anything about what is happening in the meantime.

Boss Raid the whole week, I think, along with the holiday event.

If the devs had a say, nothing is confirmed.

In-game, the Holiday Event and the World Event timer are ticking.

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Why would there anything be taking the place of the weekly event? It’s just the campaign that is taking a break, the weekly events will run the same as always.


The normal weekly event is part of the campaign, is it not?

the weekly event is not

Not necessarily. The weekly event usually fits in the story of the campaign, but there’s no reason you couldn’t make a stand-alone world event :slightly_smiling_face:

I would’ve preferred this. A stand-alone weekly event is kind of boring.

You were right. I was hopeful they’d do something more interesting.

no reason???

my god, man! have you no respect for tradition???

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