Campaign stopping?

Are the campaigns stopping with the new update? Noticed on Tarans that Tower of Doom is every month now and no campaign

If only it did…


Totally missed that. Must have been because it’s a week later than normal that I missed it. Thanks


Probably start 1 week after because they want the campaign start with the new update

There seems to be an overhaul in regards to the campaign structure, it looks like we’ll rotate through a full week of Raid Boss/Invasion/Tower of Doom/Journey/New Event (Underspire?) twice within each campaign.

Do we really need a return of the full-week Invasion and Raidboss events? Which, in turn, leads to a compacting of the weekend schedule and considerably more in the way of dopey weekend Events? (Because we all know that the Powers That Be won’t tolerate once-a-month Vault weekends for very long; it’ll be deemed “too inflationary”.)

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I mean maybe. I’m not going to crucify them yet…

There’s a weekend event missing there on Aug 4th, meaning either we’re getting a new weekend thing or maybe they’ll actually relax on these silly weekend events that their staff have a hard time being around to make sure everything goes smoothly (I doubt that).

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