What was here is gone today


Nothing but the hits on oldies 107.3


id like to join


my invite is TERRORWHEEL666_FCZ5


I will message the GM and start the process of getting you invited.

Are you currently in a guild?


yes i am but they aree rude


do i need to disband the guild


im trying to level my kingdomms and basically got told to make my 50k weekly requir or be kicked ive gave 150+ in two weeks and being told this


Sent you a direct message.


I would like to join your guild ,sounds good everyone contributing .I play at least 5 days a week 2-4 hours a day more at weekend .My invite code is MR KASPER 67-56DR. Look forward to hearing from you .


Baggy67, I sent you a direct message.


Gonna BUMP this I love this GUILD