What Positive & Negative status effects would you like to see in the future?

Currently for positive effects we have:

  1. Barrier - Prevents a single source of damage
  2. Submerge - Allows avoidance of effects that target “all Enemies”
  3. Reflect - Reflects 50% of a single source of damage
  4. Enchant - Grants 2 mana at start of turn
  5. Blessed - Provides immunity to negative status effects, devour, mana burn/drain
  6. Enraged - Next skull attack deals 1.5x damage and ignores traits of defending enemy

And for negative effects we have:

  1. Bleed - Deals stacking true damage (1+2+3+4 = 10 max)
  2. Burning - Deals 3 damage per turn
  3. Cursed - Negates all immunities and impervious effects (but not invulnerable)
  4. Death Mark - 10% chance to die at beginning of turn
  5. Disease - 50% of mana collected
  6. Entangled - Attack set to 0
  7. Faerie Fire - take 50% increase damage from Abilities
  8. Frozen - Cannot gain extra turn for corresponding troop mana color or effects on frozen troop that grant extra turns
  9. Hunter’s Mark - take 1.5x extra skull damage
  10. Poison - 50% chance to lose 1 life at beginning of turn (does not have a cumulative chance to fall off either like other effects)
  11. Silence - cannot cast abilities or collect mana
  12. Stun - traits disabled
  13. Webbed - magic set to 0

I think it’s kind of funny that we have over twice as many negative effects as positive effects, and I believe that is because a lot of negative effects are countered by a lot of traits, and so naturally you need more negative effects to help offset the positive traits.

That being said, it is kind of interesting that Essence of Evil applies all 13 negative effects onto a target (with some exceptions), whereas Reflection of Good only applies 6 positive effects. And the sort of funny thing about that is that EoE can apply things that RoG can’t defend against. For instance, you can apply Entangled to an enemy troop with EoE, but you can’t apply Nimble (Immunity to Entangled) with RoG. You can apply Webbed with EoE, but you can’t apply Slippery (Immunity to Webbed) with RoG. Now, that’s not -entirely- true, because RoG also applies Blessed, which makes you immune to everything, but that ends when you cast an ability or attack (or the Blessed troop is Cursed, which just cancels out the Blessed).

I’m not sure when we’ll see the next positive or negative effect, given a few things:

  1. We have weapons like Essence of Evil and Reflection of Good. Any new effects will increase the power of these weapons.
  2. New effects require counters, and that means requiring supporting troops. That’s not a bad thing of course but it does mean revolving, usually, factions around them – like Fang Moor with Bleed and Mirrored Halls with Reflect.
  3. Every new negative effect makes impervious troops that much more powerful

So, what do you think? What do you wish for?

I would wish to see fewer ‘feature requests’ that are not in any way necessary/beneficial to the players and the devs can concentrate on fixing existing issues :smiley:

Apologies for sounding dismissive but there seems no need in complicating the game further when there is already a whole load of stuff which needs to be improved as a priority.

Whoever creates troops will make the game more and more complex whether you agree or not. Did anyone ask for reflect or multi-color storms? no, but they still exist.

There’s no harm in this topic existing and has no impact on if “life and death gets nerfed” or “delve faction teams get changed” or “epic tasks suck”. Creating the same topics over and over won’t help get an issue solved either, especially if they’ve taken notes on the issue already.

That being said, I’m pretty much under the impression that “Feature Requests and Game feedback” is a place for topics that the developers don’t actually read (and probably have muted). Like bugs that aren’t considered a bug.


Positive effect:

Rebound: Status effects no longer affect this troop and apply back to the target that caused it. Cumulative chance for Rebound to disappear. (so like a negative effect disappearing, but for a positive effect)

Negative effect:

Stasis: Troops affected by this status effect lose one mana per turn. Cumulative chance to recover.

might as well keep it separated

I agree, I wasn’t trying to be snarky to the OP. Just wanting the devs to focus on more important stuff. Like you said, they don’t read this stuff.

Having said this, one of them will probably chip in on this thread just to prove me wrong :laughing:

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Although there are significantly more negative status effects compared to positive effects, I would not mind seeing an additional negative effect to mitigate skull/doomskull spamming. Something like Enfeeble which would reduce an opponents skull/doomskull damage output by 50 or 75%. Or Blind which would cause a troop to completely miss on all skull/doomskull damage 50 or 75% of the time.
They could even make them stackable where Enfeeble or Blind would start at 25% and stack up to 3x, maxing out at 75%.

absorb: like barrier but adds half of the skull damage to life. (for balance it can only be applied once per troop per match)

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Multiplier: Gain 50% extra mana on a troop’s color(s). Does not stack on any individual color, but can apply to multiple troops and colors simultaneously.

Faustian bargain: Lose 5-10 random skill points at the start of each turn. Gain mana equal to double the skill points lost.

Volatile: Explode one gem of each color of the affected troop when matching any of that troop’s colors.

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We need a new means to boost gold cap without resorting to the same old team set up. Let’s call it trump…gold cap increases by 10% per turn whilst active. Great in delve rooms if all players are trumping like a bean tasting party.