New Troop - Using negative status effects


like Hydra with lost life, I really like the idea of a troop using bad status effects to boost its damage.

The punished one [12 green/blue]

  • Deal 5 + [Magic] damage to an enemy. Deal double the damage if one negative status effect is applied. Deal triple the damage if more than one negative status effect is applied.

1st - Nature Link
2nd - Alert
3rd - on 4-5 gem match, get entangled

about 15 Magic at lvl 20
Counter is everything reducing magic, or no status effects

Burning Man [25 blue/yellow]

  • Apply every bad status effect on all enemies if you are stunned or burned and deal 15+[magic] true damage if you are entangled

1st - Stoneskin
2nd - Necromancy
3rd - 30% chance to get burned every turn

  • about 5 Magic at lvl 20, high life
    Counter is mana drain

Pain [7 brown]

  • Double your attack if one negative status effect is applied

1st - Stone Link
2nd - Greedy (Gain 2 bonus gold on 4-5 gem matches)
3rd - Jinx

About 24 Attack at lvl 20