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Balance of statuses

Hi everyone i think it would be nice to add some damage too some status effect

1-Frozen troop would lost -1 health per turn (similar as poison) until he lost freeze status
Also if the frozen troop keep matching his color he lost another -1 health every time

2-entangle would do 1 damage if troop attacks (thanks @Scala and @Mekkalyn)

3-web does 1 damage if troop casts a spell (thanks @Scala and @Mekkalyn)


Sorry mate, but this is awfully powerful. It would far outclass any other status effect. Thematically, it would be interesting. As for gameplay, I wouldn’t want to face that - would you?


The new Dragonette does 1-5 status effects. Try it, you may get the result you’re looking for.

i mean poison and burn deal damage, it would be normal if freeze also deal damages -1 health every time a frozen troop keep matching his color is not a big deal and would be a good addition

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Frozen already has a penalty. You can lose the extra turn. It doesn’t need extra penalties.

If you added that entangle would do 1 damage if troop attacks, or web does 1 damage if troop casts a spell, this might become a thread on the balance of statuses. As it stands, it’s nothing but a thought, without any substance.

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like you said it’s a thought you can agree or disagree but keep your unecessary arogance for yourself

The best reply you could make would be to at least put the other statuses on the main post, and then say, I think freeze should be buffed. This way, anyone reading gets a better understanding of what the buff would entail.

Sorry if I seemed arrogant, English is not my first language.

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All status effects do one action. Why should frozen do two actions?

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Actually, I rather like that idea!

It would be cool and I don’t think it would be terribly overpowered for entangle to damage you if you attack. Especially since it looks like thorns. You try to wiggle out of the thorns and you’re going to get hurt.

And I like the idea of web doing damage when casting a spell. It actually adds some timing to your thought process.

Same with freezing doing damage when they try to get that mana (or perhaps only when they try to get a four of a kind of a frozen troops mana)

I really like that concept.

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I only though about freeze but these are also good idea

You French?

In my opinion, if a status effect can’t be defined in a single sentence, it’s too complicated for a game of this nature. Frozen is already pushing it with respect to the definition of what extra turns it blocks (spell effects, skulls, that troop’s mana colors) so anything additional would likely push it over into “too complicated” territory.


thanks for your thoughts im not a dev so i had no idea this was so complicate to indroduce but it would be cool imo

I don’t really see how this would “balance” the status effects. Poison is arguably the weakest status effect in the game, and you’re suggesting that several other status effects essentially get poison rolled into them. How would you buff poison so that it would maintain some unique value? Currently, the only thing it’s got going for it is that it doesn’t naturally cleanse.

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Portugal c*ralho! Glad that you allowed the thread to take a different form.

But like spherix said, poison and disease are currently at the bottom of the power list. Stopping extra turns is a lot more powerful than half mana.