Status effects with side effects against specific traits

Actually, i see very few teams, that uses spells with status effects. You might agree, that most status effects are not powerfull anymore (some of you might argue, they never were).

The idea is, to add some trait-negating effects to burn, poisen, entangle, huntersmark and silence.
Some examples

  • burn negates armored & stoneskin
  • poisen negates traits, that give armor & life every turn
  • entangle negates dodge & true shot
  • huntersmark negates ???
  • silence negates trait: half gem masteries & ???
    I think, that makes these spells way more versatile, without beeing OP.

What do you think? Do you have better/other ideas, wich status might effect wich trait?

Sidenote: With all these +1 life Kingdom-bonuses it might be time, that poisen can kill a card.


Nice ideas… and points to an on-going debate that (in the late game) status effects are of little use…

Personally I’d like Silence to negate all traits - makes sense to me - might be a bit too strong…

Agree with this too.

However on all of these we do need to watch the effect on lower level players, and on the arena - not everyone has 25 HP on every troop…

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I like the overall idea. Some of the current status effects are very near useless, like Hunter’s Mark and Entangle, and most of them tend to wear off before paying off in many situations (not to mention the AI doesn’t make a good use of the targeted ones).

Silence probably should negate all traits, I agree this makes sense.
Poison negating regeneration and reinforcement makes sense as well.
Hunter’s Mark should definitely negate Agile.

Precisely. I can say right now with 100% certainty that changing Poison (and/or Burning) to kill off troops is an absolute NO-NO for the Arena alone. This would make it completely unbalanced. One well-protected Serpent or even Hag could wipe off the entire enemy team too easily.


Hunters mark could negate stealthy. Not sure how it would overcome the trait in the first place though. I’m trying to think of other traits it could negate that would give it more usefulness…

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Feel free to throw my +1 to this (and my request on a similar vein a week or two back)

Point to add from my initial post that @Jainus brought up - the +Attack negating Entangle appears to have been a by-product of a patch rather than an intended design.

Certainly some food for thought though.

I would change it to the following.


  • Armored
  • Stoneskin
  • Reinforced


  • Regeneration
  • Big
  • Huge


  • Dodge
    (It already disables true shot and all 2x due to 0 attack.)

Hunter’s Mark

  • Stealth


  • Arcane
    (Silent One would be nerfed hard if it got rid of its own Jinx and/or Mana Link.)


  • Jinx
  • Mana Link