Expanded Status Effect Counters

In an earlier client update (1.07?) status effects had their own internal ‘chance to wear off’ timers adjusted etc. but we also saw the introduction of direct opposites or counters, such as [Entangle] now being canceled by any gain in [Attack] stat by the affected troop e.g. from Sunweaver spell buff.

Obviously the [Cleanse] spell should be a counter to all status effects but is there any scope or plans afoot to expand on these at all?

An initial suggestion in a similar vein to [Entangle] ~ [+Attack] would be to allow [Silence] to be canceled by any gain in [Magic] stat such as from Soothsayer spell buff for example.
This would seem to make some sense thematically too in that a troop receives a boost in magical ability and is then able to overcome the current block.

You could also perhaps apply [Poison] ~ [+Health] again fiting in with format above.

However, [Burn] <-> [Frozen] once that gets implemented, but this might start to get a little more complex/harder to code.

Anyone else have any thoughts on Status Effect counters?


Interesting logic but personally I can’t say I agree… Having Entangle cured by +Attack stat is a bug / side-effect of how it was coded… I wouldn’t want it setting a precedent for odd-sounding cures for other effects, especially as status effects have a pretty limited impact on the game right now…


Entangle would get some love back on this model if it removed existing +attack buffs from its target.

That feels way too strong, considering +attack buffs could have been stacked multiple times. I’d rather see Entangle changed to negating armor while in effect. The armor isn’t removed, you just receive true damage from any incoming damage. Right now there’s little benefit in entangling troops not in first position.

Some good points raised : @Jainus genuinely wasn’t aware it was an incidental side effect so you’re right that does change the emphasis some what.

I think having read through the posts I’d probably change my initial suggestion to perhaps a rework of entangle then (@Fourdottwoone sounds worth exploring) than bringing in additional counters for the other effects.