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What Medal Upgrades Are We Doing?

Simple question I suppose. I personally haven’t actually upgraded any troops with medals yet … none at all … so I am somewhat curious. I don’t have a huge amount of them, either.

Interested to see who likes what here. And this is for all levels of medals and all levels of players, so if someone has a ‘good idea for lower-level players’ suggestion then fire away.

I’m also going to ASSUME that anything other than upgrading with an exact 100% chance of success is a Bad Idea and we don’t do that, but correct me if I’m wrong. If someone’s leveled a Mythic with Gaard Medals then I will be impressed (and horrified).


Personal choices at the moment are going to be things liiiiike:

  • Empowered generators of course.
  • Also non-empowered generators, since those make up the bulk of the lower-rarity troops that actually see any play.
  • (Personal) Choice legendaries that see a lot of play. For me that’s stuff like Wrath. Maybe KoS.
  • Stuff on my defense team/s.

Dream ideas like heavy-damage mythics are just way beyond my resources. But it could happen. Eventually. For the record, at present I have zero medals of Nysha and one medal of Anu, so mythics are strictly off-limits for me personally.

I’ve upgraded the three Bounty troops that see heavy use: Tigraki Warrior, Corpse Mare, and Excavator. That means my weekends are a little bit easier. I recommend it.

I also upgraded all of my gnomes, in a fit of pique. I do not recommend this.


I think the logic is pretty straightforward, I review in this order on occasion:

  1. empowered troops (converters, only)
  2. converters of x to y
  3. gem destroyers (e.g. bogstrider)
  4. most commonly used troops
  5. certain bounty troops that see use (e.g. crysturtle) in and out of bounty
  6. delve troops, when you need that extra 1 attack :wink: - while trying to complete full faction run
  7. common troops, if I have a surplus of low level medals - just to try and get to 100

Gnomes are common, so they aren’t a bad choice, if the goal is the 100 achievement.

I’m basically going this route. For “lower rarity” I’m not explicitly looking for troops that generate mana. I’m just medalling anything I use for any reason—because who doesn’t think it’s fun to use Savage Hunter’s triple damage every now and then? :joy:

I have not done any non-100% upgrades and am almost halfway to Geoff. I’m thinking, if I have an abundance of souls at some future point, I might use Gaard medals on a lark—but I’m a looooong way away from having enough “extra” souls or medals laying around—would have to have all commons done, and all rares to bronze, at least!

Medals of Aranaea are now basically free to use - since the medal of summer made them irrelevant. I used the rest of mine today to upgrade something.

They might be buffed to +6 someday. I’m saving 3, just in case. Not that 3 more couldn’t be ground out eventually, of course. Just don’t want to be caught with my drawers down :rofl:

I tend to upgrade to elite the common and rare troops that I use often or could potentially use of if they are often summoned by the hero or other troops. Medals aren’t easy to come by right now (might have been different if I was in a guild who can complete the elite tasks).

At the moment, I have all 6 of the new guardians upgraded, Tigraki Warrior (bounty), Dragon Egg, Baby Dragon, and Thrall. Working on Bandit and Greed.

Leprechaun was my first upgrade - he becomes even more of a choice morsel for Vash’Dagon this way.

I also highly recommend upgrading the new guild guardians (Finesse, etc.). Cheap upgrades and well worth it.


I’ve upgraded all new Guild Guardians and some Bounty Troops. Aside from that I would like to upgrade the Gnolls if they were worth being used.

There are some other troops I really like for fun teams and such that I’ll upgrade in time.

Even at +6, I’d still use the medal of summer. It’d basically have to be +8 to consider useful. I am 1 token away from a new one - it’s pretty quick to get them.

I finally got my 6th Nysha today. Was hoping to do a mythic, but I think I need 3 more for a 100% chance :open_mouth: (and to keep 3)

My priorities:

  • Epic or less rarer troops which are used in GW (like Alchemist, Snowy Owl etc)
  • Summoned Troops (like Giant Spider, Bandit, Heronath etc)
  • Bounty Troops

My elite’d troops as of yet…

Ancient Golem
Baby Dragon
Dire Wolf
Dragon Eggs
Dwarven Gate
Egg Thief
Festival Cow
Fire Bomb
Forest Troll
Giant Toad
Gimlet Stormbrew
Goblin Shaman
Ocularen Leech
Savage Hunter
Sister Superior
Snowy Owl
Soldier of Wrath
Spider Swarm
Tigraki Warrior
War Goat
War Wolf
Watch Mother
Wild Fang

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Getting them to mythic was not a smart decision, even though getting them to gold was cheap afterward.

I’m at 73/100. Here’s what I’ve upgraded:




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  1. Frequently used troops (personal). Egg Thief, Leprechaun, Harpy Mage, bounty troops and what not.
  2. Summons. Bandit, Baby Dragon, Giant Spider, Spider Swarm, Giant Toad, Quasit, Jar of Eyes summons etc. etc.
  3. New faction troops, while supplies last
  4. Personal choices (like the new guild guardian troops)
  5. Commonly used empowered troops
  6. New bounty troops
  7. Troops that actually benefit from medal upgrades (typically generator, defender or mage)
  8. Others that still allow for 100% success rate
  9. Gamble

My advice would be to first upgrade the troops you use the most. As to what medals to use I would say don’t use 6 medals to upgrade commons and rares. Personally I used only 3 medals by using the next highest rarity medal for the 2nd and 3rd upgrades. Sometimes I would even use an UR medal for the 3rd upgrade of a common troop if I had no rares at the time.

I upgraded Gorgothan and Leprechaun so far. I think I upgraded another one too, but I dont remember.