Our first Bounty with Medals! How I've prepared

The monthly Bounty is upon us tomorrow. Whenever a new bounty comes out, I purchase enough tiers with gems to get the new troop to legendary, then I use 3 other Bounty troops which are all Mythic. This results in 6+6+6 = 18x score from Mythic troops and 5*2=10x score from my Legendary Captain troop for a total of 28x Bounty points. I’m not going to say this will work for everyone, but if you have the stats, you can make it work. Here are mine for what it’s worth as a sort of baseline:

For Medals I will most likely be using Medal of Anu (20% Starting Mana) and 2x Medal of Yasmine (for +16 Life to my troops). Enemies aren’t usually killed with Skull damage, and I want to have a head start on mana because my two main troops don’t have any boosts. The new Bounty troop Amaru does already start with 50% mana though, and it looks pretty strong. However, our heavy hitter will still be this star:


I think all bounty troops start at Rare quality, and if you’re farming Explore level 12 difficulty, you’ll get more Medals of Cedric than anything else, so I recommend using 1 Medal of Yasmine to upgrade the first time, then two Medal of Cedrics for the next two upgrade levels. My next favorite troop is:

Tigraki Warrior is essential because he scales with the difficulty of the bounty. The higher the level of the enemy, the more armor they have, and the more armor they have, the more true damage he does to them. Man-At-Arms helps keep everyone else alive then with his essential Barrier. The Attack and Armor is nice too. They share brown mana, but otherwise each one uses different colors (Red for Tigraki and Blue for Man-at-Arms).

Amaru is Yellow/Purple, so we don’t have to worry about him blocking anyone. You also don’t need to use him for anything other than being a Captain and getting you more points. His damage isn’t True damage, so he’ll be kind of pointless. He does Curse/Stun/Poison though, which could be useful depending on the enemies.

Last we need someone who can fill up Tigraki Warrior. I’m thinking of going with my typical:


Again, he doesn’t color block the others, so he’s perfect! Our final setup will be: Man-at-Arms, Excavator, Tigraki Warrior, and finally Amaru.

Have fun!