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Collecting Medals is daunting

I play a lot of Gems of War, several hours every day, and most of that is spent doing either PvP or Explore. Well, now with Medals, it’s all Explore for Medals. What have I gotten so far? Well, I have two Badges of Nysha (the Mythic for +1 Magic). I don’t yet have a Medal of Nysha (which requires 3 Badges of Nysha). Of course, the “goal” is to have 3 Medals of Nysha for a total of +12 Magic to all troops.

But… Medal of Nysha is also used to upgrade Mythic troops. Troop rarity is directly correlated with medal rarity and upgrade chance. For instance, a base Legendary troop requires 1 Legendary medal (Medal of Anu) for a 100% chance to upgrade to Bronze. It requires 2 Legendary Medals for 100% upgrade to Silver, and 3 (I believe) for 100% upgrade to Gold. That also means a Mythic requires 1 Mythic medal for 100% chance to upgrade or 2 Legendary to Bronze and 2 Mythics to Silver.

But my god… it takes forever to acquire medals. By far the easiest things to upgrade are things like bounty troops (which have a base rarity of Rare) or any common troops (like Dooms) or the guild war troops (which give +5 to all stats for their respected colors). Legendary troops though? I’ve managed to upgrade only two Legendary troops to their first level of Bronze.

And here’s what I have available to me after that:

For a 100% upgrade chance for upgrading a Legendary to Bronze, you need either 1 legendary medal (Medal of Anu) or three Epics (Medal of Aranaea). That is crazy. That’s just for getting it to Bronze.

I really wish I could show you the scope of how many more Medals of Cedric I have versus all the other medals. Well, I can kind of show you. Here’s all my troops that I’ve leveled:

I only do Explore 12 and, on average, it takes me about 4 minutes to do all the explores and the mini-boss and the mythic boss (of course even on Explore 12, you need to do 1.37 Mini-Bosses per Mythic Boss, because of the drop rate of Mythstones being 71-75 per Mini Boss at difficulty 12).

At this rate though, it will be months before I get my three Medals of Nysha, because I’m only 2/3rds of the way, since Medals came out, toward getting my first Medal of Nysha. Medals came out mid October. So it’s been about a month now for 2 badges of Nysha, and I need 9 Badges of Nysha to get 3 Medals – at 1 badge per month, mind you, because I just got my second badge of nysha today!

How do they expect us to upgrade any Legendary or Mythic troops at this rate? I’ve heard people say, well, they only want us to upgrade our favorite troops… uh, I can’t even get medals for myself fast enough, let alone my troops. We’re talking years out before I get enough mythic medals to upgrade a complete team.


Two things

  1. I agree that the medal acquisition rate and types Vs thier usage needs to be reviewed
  2. Medals were specifcially and expliciltly presented as a task that is, by design, not supposed to be completed (Source: Dev Stream/Sirrian) - So you need to reframe your expectations ALOT compared to everything else in the game to date which can be completed - Medals are different
    (But that does not change the first point)

I’ve played awfully a lot of hours myself and have yet to craft my first Nysha Medal. I have zero clue how a few console players found over 50 Nysha tokens in a months time. Is the drop rates that off?? Maybe there is a bug with the PC/Mobile version.


You should get a nysha token on average every 2-3 hours. But of course that means you could farm all day and get none.

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I find exploring really unsatisfying right now, purely because every time I do it, I get more Cedric tokens and not much else. The droprates feel wrong as they are right now, honestly - and it’s not because I want everything now and I want to elite level every troop. It’s just because it feels so unlikely that I’ll make any progress in a session that I lose interest in even starting. Right now the time commitment vs rewards just sucks unless you need arcane traitstones, which I don’t anymore.

I think for explore to feel fun or rewarding, the drop rates need to be tweaked a little. Not by a huge amount, just a few percentage points, enough to soften the blow of bad RNG and make me feel like I can actually get epic/legendary/mythic tokens. I don’t think it’s very likely to happen, though.

Oh and we need the class exp fixed as well. 1 per battle for these fights is ridiculous.


On ps4 nysha tokens are rare the same, in my whole guild there’s a wooping total of ONE nysha medal (at least ws so couple of days ago).

As how to get 50 tokens, well that’s easy, spam explore 28 hours a day and forget about silly things like sleeping and so :stuck_out_tongue:.

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The whole premise of crafting a medal, to then have only a certain percentage chance to equip it to a troop, is what is putting me off explore greatly. To see all that time spent in explore crafting medals for it to just disintegrate in front of your eyes is soul destroying. Just like a lot of you guys, I play this game, A LOT (over 5500 hours now) but I have vowed to only ever do a maximum of 3 explore battles per day. You could literally spend your entire gaming time on explore, with zero to show for your efforts.


I agree, as it stands it’s a very depressing mode for the average player. As the best tokens (Anu/Nysha) you need for some of the best Legendary/Mythic troops is nearly impossible to find.

But this mode is directed to those hardcore players as @Micio is mentioning. Those that plays 28 hours a day that dont even visit the toilet or eat during the day.

What about the 99.5 % other of the player base??


You can always guarantee the upgrade works by providing enough medals of sufficient rarity to hit 100%.

But, as you say, to attempt an upgrade at <100% can be quite upsetting when it fails.

If yall think explore is rough on pc try playing it on switch where the only realistic team for dif 12 is ef,lep,hkig,tpk or mc,qy,hkig,tpk. The same team you need to run over and over for delves.

It is mindnumbingly painful.

I’m not as concerned about how long it’s going to take since it’s meant to be the “uber end game” mechanic…but more concerned about how mind numbing it is.


  • average of 1 fight per minute total time (clicks and menus)
  • average of 6.25 fights per boss chest (4 fights + boss + boss + a little extra since we don’t get 100 mythstones per run)
  • average of 2% droprate on Nysha tokens at level 12
  • 46 total current mythics
  • 6 medals of nysha required to fully medal a mythic
  • 9 nysha tokens required per medal
  • 2.5 tokens per boss chest at level 12

…so 46 x (6 x 9) = 2,484 total nysha tokens required to fully medal all (current) mythics

At a 2% droprate we can expect 1 nysha token on average every 20 mythic boss fights

…so 20 x 6.25 fights per boss chest = 125 total fights played for 1 nysha token

125 fights per token x 2,484 tokens = 310,500 fights total

…or 310,500 minutes

…or 5175 hours

…or 215.625 full days of non-stop playing to get the existing 46 mythics fully medaled (not accounting for a new mythic being released every month)

Obviously we need some other way to get nysha tokens in a more meaningful or fun way…or just accept that medaling all of your troops is a literal impossibility and will be a perpetual endless and not fun grind.

I suspect the devs have other plans, but man…until I just did the math it never sunk in how rough that is.


in the last Q&A, Sirrian mentioned they wanted medal upgrade all troops to be an impossible goal.

I don’t understand that mind set at all; a goal is only fun if its actually possible, no matter how arduous.

Some people like the idea of it being impossible, though I wonder how far into the game they actually are.


112.5 Hours of explore just to medal up one…ONE mythic.

Its been 34 days or so since 4.6 was released, I’ve gotten 4 tokens of Nysha since then. So I’m looking at roughly March before I’ll have enough tokens to upgrade my first Mythic.


Someone managed to get 5 times more than you (5 Nysha Medals). That means they played about 500 hours since the update arrived or so? I have no clue how it is even possible to play that much explore in a month for only a few useful medals.

I’m thankful they’ve made explore seem so futile. It’s helped with my addiction to game and I don’t feel like playing it as much. I’ve been playing this other game called “reading” a lot more. I just finished some books I’ve had for 24 years and never opened.

This explore mode update finally helped me realize the futility of the game. For reference, I have every card mythic, every delve completed with faction team, and every classes done but Diabolist (at level 96).


112.5 Hours of explore just to medal up one

This number is from using Keylimes calculation, 112.5 hours to earn 6 medals

Its been 34 days …I’ve gotten 4 tokens

This number is just from my personal experience. I don’t play that much, and most of the playing I do is not actually explore. If I calculate using Keylimes metric, 18.8 hours of explore per Medal, 6.25 hours explore per Badge, 2.1 hours explore per token. That means I’ve spent roughly 8 hours doing explores since release…that passes the smell test.

Someone managed to get 5 times more than you

5 Medals is 15 badges or 45 tokens, so more like 11 times what I’ve done. 5 medals would equate to 93.75 hours of explore, not 500 hours. That is roughly 2.75 hours a day since 4.6. A crazy amount, for sure, but not impossible.

I’m completely ignoring explore in favor of challenges because

  • the rewards are garanteed
  • there is an actual endpoint (technically medals have that as well, but not achievable in my lifetime)
  • if you lose any battle you only lose that battle and are not bumped back to complete all those leading up to it again.
    Edit: also, the endpoint for medals keeps moving with new troops being added. Challenges are far more likely to remain finished.
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And I have every challenge done. I was initially worried about another grind, but in a couple of weeks, I was done. Not like this endless explore.

Oooooohhhh I forgot about Challenges. I have some done and need to finish more!

Yeah, Explore feels a little overwhelming for me atm, especially if I don’t have long to play. I resonated a lot with this comment: