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Collecting Medals is daunting

I’ve done a fair chunk of explore 12 and still don’t have a single nysha token. I suppose the aim is to get 3 of each medal (for global boost) and then to start levelling troops. I’ve focused mainly on faction troops myself to try and help with level 500 but only on kingdoms whose level is at 2 x 25pc faction boost. But I can see the logic in bounty boosting too. Either way, I doubt my favourite troops will see medals any time soon.

I’m completely ignoring explore in favor of challenges because

I’ve completed every Challenge in every Kingdom. All 2,380 battles. So it’s either PvP or Explore, and PvP gets me gold and trophies, but Explore gets me gold and skill upgrades.

I’m particularly frustrated that now medaled troops will be required for leveling kingdoms, yet getting medals hasn’t changed at all.

There are parts of medals in guild epic tasks and you can sometimes get an offer to buy a medal in daily deals… that’s what changed since explore redo and introduction of medals.

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They were always going to be required. The writing was on the wall, clear to see for anyone familiar with this game’s pattern of development.

If a “new” thing gets introduced, you can bet it will somehow end up affecting Kingdom Level or Kingdom Power in some way in the future. I can’t think of a single resource that doesn’t (faction renown? But that leads to stats…Jewels? They tie into other progressions like crafting troops and traitstones and pet food…)

One more change in the medal department: medals of seasons. If you play the world event every week, you can rather easily get one or two medals of seasons for 10 out of 11 weeks. After the first 3, the others can be used for upgrading troops.