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What means this?


Numbers are buggy / wrong we think.

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Actually supposedly they are correct

There will be a total of 486 Troops
There will be a total of 38 Banners (Kingdoms)
There is available 46 Team slots

The weapons count makes me wonder if you buy through the store all the different weekly weapons - because that would explain your number.

You’ve been here way too long to… not just assume a bug lol

No - the word is supposedly they are correct. I am not convinced :slight_smile:

I asked about this weeks ago…and was informed that we will have 486 Troops and 38 kingdom banners

As for the weapons - you got me…


Er. We have at the moment 422 Troops in the game. Considering at least one weekly troop, one monthly Mythic and 8 incoming kingdom, I’d say the world is going to end in less than one year.

As the “Dawnbringer in arena” thread demonstrates, the hardest problem in Computer Science (from the viewpoint of a Gems of War dev) is not counting something.

So the numbers show things that haven’t been released yet, things that are sort of shaped like what’s being counted, and can be used to predict the phase of the moon.