Total amount of troops?

Not sure where I could have categorized this, but in my game, in the troops menu, when you click on the question mark icon, it shows the collection of troops you have. In my case, I have 451/606 troops.

However, if I go to Troops and click “Unowned”, I counted and there’s 75 troops I don’t yet own, whereas the collection stat would suggest there are 155 I don’t own. Am I missing something, is this a known issue, is this intended…? Thanks.

I think those are the troops that aren’t in-game as of yet, they are only in the games files. Again I’m not entirely sure, hope it helped some :slight_smile:


Currently there are 526 troops available to the players. The amount you see is the total troops created by the devs but 75 of them aren’t released to us yet.


Sadly the weapons maximum on that page is also inaccurate. The pets are spot on though. :man_shrugging:

Edit: Feel free to like or bump my request to get this fixed: Collection screen: maximum counts correct