[FEEDBACK PASSED ON] No unowned pets showing


As seen right here, I’m apparently missing two pets.
When I change my search preferences to ‘unowned’, it shows nothing.

So, which pets do I not own?


Same boat here. If there are pets I don’t have, I should be able to see them. Otherwise please do not let them count in the Collection counter.


Shows 137/140 pets, altought I have all the ones released so far, including the cosmetics (which I purchased some from “Adopt a pet” offer) and the faction ones.
I also bought the Steam Puppy on a sale.

I believe from previous people that have asked this question that the total quantity of pets includes all across every platform, but when you search for unowned it would then only show those for your specific platform. Stupid I know, and don’t know why this couldn’t be fixed.


There are few pets exclusive to platform (one for each platform?), which cannot be obtained on other platforms, and which don’t even show up as unowned on that platform. Counter shows all pets, on all platforms.

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@Sytro is correct. I have passed this one as a QoL suggestion.

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