87 of 90 pets owned, but "Unowned" is empty

It’s a long time mystery: for some months I see in “Collection” page (where you’re shown owned/total troops, owned/total weapons, owned/total pets, team slots and banners) figures “N/N+3 Pets”. Now it’s “87/90 pets”. when I go to “Pets” tab and select “Unowned” in the filter, I see “Nothing to display”. What are these invisible pets? I play on Android - maybe they are “Steam bot”, “Droidbot” and “Revered Dragonkitty” (I’m not “Revered”)?

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The number even increased recently: I have 97/102 pets according to the “Collection” page, but I cannot see pets I do not own. 5 pets. What’s wrong with them? @Cyrup, @Kafka, @Ozball, I do not know who else to ask.

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I have also noticed this. My assumption is that the missing pets are due for release at some point, but do not show up. However, this would not make sense as the troop quantity is updated as and when a new troop is released. Do missing faction pets show up on the list of unowned pets? I’m also interested to know the answer to this.

The missing pets are probably other platform exclusive pets


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On xbox we have 3 pets showing up in unowned that shouldn’t be there.

I play on Xbox, so if there is a pet that is exclusive to PS4, it will show up in the total quantity of pets but will not be shown as unowned?

Thats what im guessing

My collection shows 98 of 102

Looking at my collection in GOWDB.com I can see that I’m missing the following four pets

DROID-BOT [ Adana | Cosmetic | Android Exclusive Pet ]
MEI [ Shentang | Cosmetic | Future Release? ]
STEAM PUPPY [ Adana | Cosmetic | Steam Exclusive Pet]
X-BALL [ Adana | Cosmetic | Xbox Exclusive Pet]

Exactly why the devs don’t care about completionists.

They’ll change collectible amounts to numbers not even achievable.
Imagine someone getting all 3 exclusive platform pets and being jobbed out of having a complete collection due to a pet that’s not even available yet. And another pet not even available on PC/Mobile.