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Pet Previews That Should Not Be

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I expected to see the four pets I don’t own yet. Turns out there are suddenly more, but they don’t display. I also got teased with a “Bunny Chick”.:rabbit:

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Look at the pets with the “Unowned” Filter on.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!


I would really like only AVAILABLE troops/pets/weapons to be visible under “unowned” section. Just another thing to make completionists with OCD like me want to rip their skin off.


Shallow borer XD


Agree with the above, especially since some won’t come out for at least a month, maybe more. I’m guessing Lil’ Freedom will be the 4 July event pet.

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Like this guy being Unowned for months and only recently I’ve heard rumors people are close to being able to craft him. Other people anyway… I’ve had at least 50 Major Chaos Orbs… Yet to see a single Major Orb of Ascension.

Back on point… If it’s not possible to get a troop or a pet… They shouldn’t show in Unowned sections.

Back off point… Not a single vault key from easily 40 treasure Gnomes over the weekend. So still no pet gnome for me. Having all the troops is now purely luck based not RNG based. Used to be a fun goal to have. Now unrealistic without buying gems instead of food.

To satisfy @Sheba
A real life Bunny found in my backyard last week.


What an excellent bunny!:blush::heart_eyes: Thanks for actually showing off a picture! We had some wild ones lately, too - they’re so cute!

(As for the not-as-important rest of your post: I agree with troops that can’t be owned yet not being displayed, especially if not even the image for them is yet in the game. As for normal troops, I don’t really care - I also didn’t get a vault key, but meh - since I don’t buy troops from the raid/invasion shops anyway and am therefore never having all available troops. Pets, however, are different (at least so far… who knows what else awaits us), so I feel like with giving up the “gotta catch them all” mentality on the normal troops already, we at least could have had that for the pets now. Would be sad if that would change…)


This is really annoying. I finally get all pets and now the game tells me I’m missing some when they aren’t even available.

Also @Sheba Mini Moa pet event going on right now.


Oh thanks!:grinning: Am about to go to bed, but maybe I can still catch some chicken. Not that we were short on Moas lately, lol. And congrats on getting them all; I obviously wasn’t online as much as you as I’m still missing four.

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According to the new “system”… You’re missing 12. :wink:

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I’ve missed quite a few we get quite a lot of pets. Someone already has Mini Mimic at mythic.

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I have my non-Snow Bunny-pets at epic at best. I really miss a lot, even though I try to check quite a few times each day. But oh well, it’s not like the bonuses make or break the game.

No kidding. And I’m missing some of them so much that I don’t even know what my pets look like. Whoops, I’m a bad owner. :stuck_out_tongue:


Out of curiosity, do people with OCD feel incomplete if they don’t have any of the other disorders?

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Thanks to the devs for fixing this at yesterday’s reset, by the way. :slight_smile:

Still showing unobtainable weapons though.

That’s pretty good. I have 7 at epic and the rest at ultra rare.