Missing pets (full pet list?)

Hello everyone!

My stats say that I have 98/101 pets.
Now, I know I am missing the Droidbot pet, but what are the other two? Nothing appears in “Unowned”.

Is there a full list of pets anywhere?
I tried checking this list:

I have been playing the game for 2 years, so it might be some event pet from before?
I do have the Steam Puppy and the Revered Dragonkitty.

So, what could the other 2 missing pets be?
if I’m playing the PC/mobile version, could I still be missing X-Ball and Micro Muffin X?


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its probably the valentines day pet and the australia pet hidden away. not sure what the last one is

I’m on PS4 and have 2 pets missing also.
Have accounted for <3, Alex and Bunnilope which have been visible since 4.7.

My stats say 103 total.