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Question about Kingdoms?

Hi there, I am currently Editing the GoW Wikia ALOT!
and I found something ingame and I don’t know for what it stands for or if it’s just a display bug or else.

What I mean is: when you go to a Kingdom and on Lore
There you can see the Kingdoms Lore, the Favored Colors and the Troop Types.
and when you look at the Troop Types, there is always one with a "Type , , Type…"
here for example: http://puu.sh/sr7Dc.jpg http://puu.sh/sr7G3.jpg http://puu.sh/sr7HB.jpg
now can someone tell me what this means?

Someone has asked this in the past and they got a response so you will probably too. Good luck :slight_smile:

Reserved for a unreleased troop type.

It’s actually a blank Troop type that goes in the second slot for Troops with only one type.

It shouldn’t appear in Kingdom lists but it does.

thank you, so there’s no reason I should put this “,” too in the wiki!

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