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How many banners should I have?

I have all 23 Kingdoms unlocked and maxed. But I only have 20 banners available to me. I seem to recall reading something about how there was a banner limit but didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. Now I can’t find it.

So: is there a banner limit?

I didnt check, but I think every kingdom has its own banner… there’s only a limit for team slots, which is 20. Correct me if I’m wrong

Okay, that’s what I am seeing. 20 team slots. But if I have all 23 banners available to me, how do I use one that is not currently in a team slot?

Bonuses tab > choose your banner.

With all the updates there now are 30 kingdoms so there should be 30 banners. Then, why hitting the help button in the units screen tells me I have 30/39 banners? What are the other 9?

I think that whole screen is non-functional. None of the numbers make any sense when I looked at it. On one of the stats, I had a bigger number on the left than the right, which can’t be correct.

Yeah, I’ve seen the screen claim people have like thrice the amount of weapons than what’s actually ingame and stuff like that. That screen is bonkers for absolutely every number and should not be trusted in the slightest for anything.

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