Number of Kingdoms on PS4


How many Kingdoms are there currently? Have I unlocked them all, because I’m still missing some banners that I actually need for team compositions, like Y/Br.

I’ve unlocked so far:

  • Broken Spire
  • Adana
  • Whitehelm
  • Karakoth
  • Forest of Thorns
  • Mist of Scales
  • Khetar
  • Grosh-Nak
  • Darkstone
  • Zhul’ Kari
  • Divinion Fields
  • Stormheim
  • Khaziel
  • Pan’s Vale
  • Zaejin
  • Ghulvania
  • Pridelands
  • Sword’s Edge
  • Maugrim Woods

Usually there is a blue space on the map if there is an unlocked Kingdom, but I’m not finding any.



There are 19 Kingdoms currently, you have them all. Wild Plains is coming, then we have to wait until next Update.

If you are missing Banners, you might have run into the same problem as me. Do you know how to switch a teams Banner?


When in the Troops Section, you go over to Bonuses and press bumpers until you find the one you want. As far as I can tell, I don’t have Y/Br as I was looking for it for my Elwyn team.

I’ve scrolled through all of them a number of times, but I’ll check again soon, though it might help if I knew the symbol or the name of the banner.


The Banners are sorted alphabetically by Kingdom name. You are looking for the Sword’s Edge Banner (Yellow/Blue)?

It’s called the Sword Banner and it looks like:


Sorry, I should have spelled it out: I’m looking for the Brown/Yellow Banner

I have these banners: Banner of Scales (Red/Blue), Banner of Song (Green/Yellow), Proud Banner (Mono-Red), Giant’s Banner (Mono-Blue), Sword Banner (Blue/Yellow), Holy Banner (Mono-Yellow), Goblin Banner (Green/Brown), Dark Elven Banner (Green/Purple), Banner of Progress (Red/Yellow), The Broken Banner (Blue/Brown), Dark Banner (Brown/Purple), Divinion Banner (Yellow/Purple), Woodland Banner (Mono-Green), Vampire Banner (Red/Purple), Orc’s Banner (Red/Brown), Old God’s Banner (Mono-Purple), Dwarven Banner (Mono-Brown), Undead Banner (Purple/Blue), and Wolf’s Banner (Blue/Green).

I think the Brown/Yellow banner is the only one I don’t have.


Yellow/Brown has not yet been released on consoles. (It was also the last to appear on PC/Mobile)

Drifting Sands is the unreleased kingdom you’re looking for.


OF COURSE the one I actually need for a cool team idea isn’t on consoles yet. :angry:


I guess Team Medievillca will have to wait for now, sorry Elwyn! I know I promised that you would make it big, but it’s not quite your time to shine yet. Don’t worry, we’ll make an album soon enough! :triumph: