What level is your hero character at?


So What level is your hero between?

  • Level 1-100
  • Level 101-200
  • Level 201-300
  • Level 301-400
  • Level 401-500
  • Level 501-600
  • Level 601-700
  • Level 701-800
  • Level 801-900
    -My level is Over 900

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Unfortunately, my option isn’t available; I’m OVER 9,000!!! :sunglasses:


So you’re the ‘9001’ they keep skipping in pvp!


your option is the last one then


It appears over 50%-60% of the forum users are between 300-600. A poll of this kind would never really be accurate since a good majority of the 200 and down people don’t use the forums as much as the more active higher leveled players.


Well we’re already aware the majority of players of the game are <100, so this is a good way of knowing the average level of forum-goers! Helps to better understand the responsive playerbase and all that.


Well, the average player base will commonly be around the average possible that is 500 (since 1,000 is max). More than 60% the forums is there, so that was kind of already implied. We could have already inferred this about the levels active on the forums without this, but the data to back it up is always nice. :3


Not sure of you intended it @killerman3333, but the 801-900 option is mixed with the Over 900 option.

Also, I find it interesting to know there are so few 600-800 forum-goers. Intriguing.


They all reached level 1,000, or spend so much time on the forums that they fall into the 300-600 category. xD


it was a mistake but after posting the poll and getting poll responses i decided to role with it cause i do not know what will happen if i try to fix it. Like if i fix it, will the poll be reset and of those polled will any of them reanswer?


It was not ment to be accurate to represent the whole player base. I intended to make this poll sooner to gather player date on those who read and use the forums and see what their Hero character level is.


The average player level across all players will be near to (probably below) 100, given we’re told that 90% of players are below 100.

Assuming you mean the Mean average (pun intended). The Median average will be 500ish.