Highest Level Players


Just wondering what is the highest level achieved so far in this game? I regularly play against people with level 1100+ (I’m a level 1054), but just now in PvP played against someone who is at level 1672!!! I didn’t know that was even possible?!


i have no idea who you fought…:sunglasses:


http://gowdb.com/extras/herolevel has a list of players by level, who have (a) registered with gowdb.com and (b) have opted into data collection.


Wow, that is amazing - how long have you been playing? You are now officially my hero (even though I did beat you :smile::smile::smile:).


close to 3 years now :heart_eyes:


You beat Tech’s Rhinos? Wow! :clap:


Lyya, your site is a thing of beauty and incredibly useful. I hope you’re being compensated by Pipeworks in some way!

If not, I nominate you for the Nraas Industries Memorial Award for player service to incompetant game companies!


Fun fact, it takes 1 month of continuous play to get from 1672 to 1673 :wink:


What stat boost do you get for 1400 1500 and 1600?


However they extended the level 1000 cap a year or so ago.


I’m amazed you can still keep that incredible level of activity going given how painful / notfun the game state has become… do you stick to casual PvP and arena for sanity / variety?

I played ten games just now this morning. Eight were Troll/Kraken/Mab, I lost three of them when the troll filled on the first or second turn and it looped while I watched - that is three times out of three where one Troll cast led to Kraken/Mab loops and 4-matches leaving me with two dead and two half dead troops when I finally got the turn back. The first time I brought Psion and hit it and drained it, and the AI got a lucky cascade on the next turn and filled again. A ninth was Wisps/Kraken/Mab. A tenth was random dragons, plus Mab. This is so much less fun than it used to be. I could spend hours playing successive games before the Unity update. Now I manage typically 20-30 mins before random FU cascades and looping Krakens annoy me too much to play…

I made level 1000 pretty quickly in the original game (was about 15th or 20th to do so I think), but now it’s a struggle…



Not sure if he does variety, but the best exp method in game never needs to touch PvP.

Best method is to:

1: Create a fresh new guild from scratch recruiting only newer/inactive players.

2: Participate in Guild Wars with this guild, essentially gaining a permanent 100% exp increase.

3: Fight a weak challenge on Warlord 2/3 difficulty with an empowered full AoE 1 shot team.


That sounds boring as hell…