My hero's stats are not increasing


I have noticed that from about level 100 up to my now level 124 my hero’s stats are not increasing. I think between those numbers my attack has gone up one point.

I get my one mastery upgrade choice but the numbers are not climbing as well. Is it supposed to go that insanely slow? With all the battles completed and effort put in shouldn’t the hero improve stats as if ascended or equipped with traits?

I can just imagine if that’s the way it works just how many levels someone up around 500 must go through to get one extra point of attack or magic.


I believe you get 1 extra magic at level 500; however, I have yet to achieve that level myself. Someone else would need to confirm this. I can confirm that you get an extra life at 200.


After 50, you get stats at these levels:

Magic: 50, 100, 500
Life: 60, 90 200, 750
Armor: 70, 150, 400
Attack: 80, 300, 1000

This will be changing in 1.0.9 or 1.1.0 when the devs rework hero.


I certainly hope so. Those spreads are pretty sad. No one would still be playing Dungeons and Dragons if the character advancement was that widespread.

Here’s hoping for 1.0.9.


You fail your diplomacy check.


Ahhhh dag nabbit!!! Can I have a re-write? Lol.


Difference between us and D&D is D&D has 20 character levels and we have 1000.


Good point.


Also hero progression is (currently) somewhat of a background effort. The real focus is on troops in this game.


Yes it is. At the suggestion of quite a few players who share their knowledge in this forum I have left my hero out of my last couple of team builds.