What is the significance of the phoenicia battlecrashers?

i scrolled thru a bit and havent seen it discussed. from what i remember the battlecrasher events usually seem to coincide with some sort of holiday. the event says we get this battlecrasher for 6 days. carnival?

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Better asks what’s the relevance of Phoenicia as a whole in the game…

But well, it might have something to do with Carnival (Carnaval here on Brazil):


@Razzagor I have no idea if you are right or not, but I like your thought process… and am horribly envious at the same time. Happy Carnaval :tada::confetti_ball:


Actually Barbelith mentioned it before me, and it sort of makes sense.

I’ll actually spend this holiday with peace and quiet hopefully, but thanks anyway.

well i dont know why the name phoenicia but i feel like she should be purple with a name like that xD