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Battlecrasher: Anyone gotten the elusive "Bunnicorn"?

According to the news/events in game:

However, I’ve only ever gotten Bunni’nog so far with about 1,500 battles. Half pvp, half explore, minus games, guild events and delve.

Is Bunnicorn rare and going to drop me 1,000 diamonds once spawned?!

Anyone get Bunnicorn?

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Maybe it switches to Bunnicorn tomorrow for a change for the rest of the weekend?

…or is just another mistake? :laughing: I know what I would put my money on…


Anyone seen Bunnicorn today? Maybe tomorrow? :laughing:

I’ve been seeing it tons in both PvP and Explore. I play on PC.

I’ve only seen Bunni nog.

I actually saw this happen similarly when there were two battlecrashers advertised in the in-game news. In this case the two crashers were Pirate and Parrot. However, I only ever saw Pirate. I don’t have any recollection of even seeing one Parrot crash a battle. I was just as confused back then as you probably are now. And I’m seeing the same thing as you guys…Bunni’Nog but no Bunnicorn. So heck if I know what’s happening.

Any Bunnicorn sightings today?

Pics or it didn’t happen :wink: