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Worst treasure gnome event

People wait all month for this played 5 hours 4 treasure gnomes 40+ bunni nogs. But wait I get more treasure gnomes on a normal day great job dev’s. If you’re looking to fight bunni nogs this event is for you.


See this post by a dev:

Gnomes events are to have better chances to fight treasure gnomes & their drops it’s not. They mix the dam bunni into it for some dumb reason.

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Gnomes are supposed to be rolled first, per quoted post above. Thus battlecrashers wouldn’t influence gnome spawn rates - a battlecrasher can only spawn if a gnome has already been chosen to not spawn for that battle.

That is assuming it is working correctly, which there is a possibility that it might not be. However, I’ve seen no hard evidence to the contrary. If we are going off anecdotal evidence, I got two vault keys just doing dailies, and thus it would be “working fine” going off that.


Yeah I did notice that gnomes were in the daily bit that happens on normal days. Explorer is just sending out the bunni nogs. I fight more gnomes on a normal day in explore. Just today 20 nogs not 1 gnome.

Wow now a gnome finally came out. But even only common drops gold come on.

Ok all dam day now level 463 1 vault key could be worse & just when I wanted to move to something else.

My best advice to you is that you just play as normally and don’t even focus on it is a vault event. Then if you are lucky getting a vault key or two take it as a bonus.