What is the fastest explore level 7, 8, 9 and 10 teams?

To make everything tidy:

  1. Explore Level for the team.
  2. Screenshot of the team.
  3. Ingame code for the used team.
  4. Important information of how team works & tactics etc.

I know some people do explore 9 for trophies. 7 might be possible with gold Phoenicia + campaign boost. Not sure why anyone would attempt speed runs at 8 or 10 though?

I think 10 is the lowest difficulty where nysha tokens drop.

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hello, i did finishing 1000 fights, i dont get nyshas ribons, its very hard.

Explore 9-10 i use an undead team

Crimson bat
50% mana undead troop

Fast and clean. Make sure both are full of mana before you cast one

gold medalled draak and CB ofc, right?