What is the best all-faction team lv.500 for Werewoods?

Thanks for helping me out.

Seeing as they transform when casting, probably just one of each to increase the team bonus. Have the bird up front for the skull damage and don’t cast it so it stays as berb.

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I’d just start with one of everything because you’re going to have to deal with transformations while going through the five rooms regardless. It’s simply going to happen at some point when you’re looking at a 15-25% chance of taking place every time you cast a spell.

Prior to this most recent update, I’d have said that you have a binary choice as to your tank. The Werebear has mild (20%) skull protection, whereas the Werebird has Eagle Eye (Hunter’s Mark when inflicting skull damage). But if your hoard is high enough to get the Potion of Armor, it’s no longer a choice worth making – both will have 25%, but Werebird will still have Eagle Eye on top of that.

My “rule of thumb” was not to cast the Werebird unless it was one hit from death, mostly to avoid the risk of transformation. I’d cast the other stuff on an “as needed” basis, but I also tried not to cast Torbern unless the outcome of that board was really favorable. Or unless I had multiple Torberns on my team with the idea that I’d like the second Torbern to transform into something more useful. And if I did have multiple Torberns, I usually cast the top one and left the one deeper inside my team for later.

The Werebear was best cast when you didn’t have a better option on the board. The Werecat could do a lot of damage in a screaming hurry if you had enough red on the board, but you also then risked it becoming Torbern.

Otherwise? I’d be prioritizing skull damage where and when I could using a Werebird tank when that’s possible.

My hoard was somewhere between 260 and 300 when I did this potionless. A couple of years ago. But you probably won’t need quite so high a number with the new update to help you along; 225 is probably possible, maybe even something closer to 200.

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Thanks for your info.

My hoard is 150 now with some of the potions. Maybe I need to take it up to 200.

At least. Maybe higher; this is less a “strategy” delve than it is a “raw stats” delve. Meaning you’ll need to have enough in the raw stats category to handle the five-room slog and the boss fight at the end.

You can get lucky if you manage to get the Werecat to loop itself a bunch of times without transforming, but that’s probably the extent of “strategy” in this one.

(And if you wonder why I’ve done this delve potion-less and not a couple of the others? I picked this one at a time when I didn’t have much of a focus as to which delve to do next and made a choice based on excess quantity of colored pet food. And no other delve pets of the same color – at that time – that needed accumulating and leveling up.)

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Yeah, I only tried twice today in Werewoods, looks like I will need to slowly rise the hoard level a little.

I managed Fang Moor at Hoard Level 150 today. Been a ton of tries after the patch, super unlucky as well. But it was possible.

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