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What if they made an entirely separate game called Guild Wars

What If 505, or whomever makes Gems of War, were to split up the game, remove Guild Wars completely from Gems of War, and have a separate game of just Guild Wars?

Guild Wars every week?

Every other week so that guilds could have a week off to recruit, rebuild, and train?

PvP only on the off week(s)?

How would you get new troops?

What if you had to move your account or stay in the original game but not both?

What if the scoring / ranking we’re different? How would you rank people so that end gamers aren’t going up against brand new players?

Would you separate players by how many troops they have? What would stop people from disenchanting the weak troops and just keeping the power troops so that they could dominate the new players that have nothing but weak troops?

How would you address the “Winning in a lower bracket is way easier then a top bracket!” What if the point difference between your guild and the next guild were taken in account? In other words if your guild gets 1 mil and the next best gets 500k should you be able to move up 1 spot for every 100k of “domination?” Top guilds obviously wouldn’t be dominating the other guilds so they wouldn’t move very far in that scenario.

What if certain troops moved you up into another class? To keep Ubastet (insert troop of choice here ) you must move up to the next class. Accept to receive the troop or decline to stay in current class without the troop.

What if inventory determined your class? Each class guild reward would be items useful for that class to get more troops.

What if you were just 1 troop away from going up a class and that 1 troop was 19.99? Do you hear profit 505? Or 49.99 fully leveled and traited and ready to fight in GW.


Love love love this idea. This would be amazing. I love the competitiveness of Guild Wars where every move matters similar to chess.

Please make this a reality. I would definitely be on board and I assume a majority of my guild would as well.

Great suggestion @WyomingPixel


I think what would happen is:

There’d be a pretty big exodus, particularly among the top guilds, as everyone scrambled to establish a New Order of power in this new “competitive-only” game. There would be a lot of drama, because the idea as-is lets top-guilds move over with all of their power and new players to buy their way to the top.

This would cause a power collapse inside GoW itself, as people rush to fill the vacuum. There’d be excitement as the brackets reorganize. There’d be mourning for those that lost. A lot of people on both sides would be mad and leave forever, because any drastic change always makes people mad enough to quit.

After a couple of months, things would stabilize, and the next problem would become apparent. Where would new troops come from? Over here, in GoW, we get a little more than 2 troops per week. But the glory troop is rarely GW-relevant. And the Event troop is not designed to be GW relevant. The monthly mythic is sometimes a dud, and the monthly legendary is sometimes a dud. So how long will it take until the people who love GW start making the threads we used to have about weekly GW: “UGH do something about this stale meta!” Only now there’ll be a new twist: “You made a GW-only game, why aren’t you designing troops specifically for GW?”

So now two games are being maintained, with two codebases, and bits that have to be updated in two places, which is two sets of updates in every app store, and two sets of licensing fees to pay per update for consoles, AND the rate at which the creative team makes troops has to double. One game is P2W, so once players spend a certain amount of money they never pay again. The other game is F2P, but has had its user pool diluted which has discouraged players from making as many impulse buys.

Higher costs, lower income. It doesn’t make business sense.

(To some extent, I’m guessing. I haven’t ever managed an F2P game. Maybe I don’t get the actual economics behind it. But I’m not sure if it’s ever turned out well, historically, for an F2P game to divide its playerbase into two incompatible chunks.)


Well thanks for inserting your reality into my fantasy, hahahaha.

They might have to rename it.


i would like to choose what guild event we do for the next week out of the 4 choices. or even 3 choices excluding the current week’s choice.