CRAZY Guild War Idea.... BUT

When I read this, the synapses in my brain fired and I got a CRAZY idea… BUT here me out.
At the end of the day, Gems of War is a collection game. People will argue that, but what keeps people playing for years is not the joy of moving gems, is building your collection, learning the new Meta, destroying the new meta, hoping for RNGesus to drop that one Horseman you STILL need.

So, yes, card collection IS the main draw for GoW and by extension GW. And GW offers exclusive troops, which “forces” ALL to participate.

In GW though, the top Guilds will earn 100 copies of the exclusive troop give them a ridiculous amount of the highest commodity AND whats worse because the design they have no means, reason, to vacate that top spot.

How do you fix this AND ease the stress and frustration that players are feeling? SIMPLE!

Once a player has a Guild War troop Mythic x 4, they are no longer eligible to participate in a Guild War during a week in which that troop is exclusive.

So lets say that Anonymous wins its bracket this week, they earn 100 copies of Myzmer.
In 6 weeks when Myzmer rolls around, they finish first again, get another 100 copies.

All members now have enough copies to Mythic and disenchant to 4.

In another 6 weeks when Myzmer comes up again, Anonymous will be ineligible to participate that week. They have earned a week off, free from the stress of GW, and it frees up a slot in the top bracket for somebody else to earn greater rewards.

Finally, what if Anonymous has a change and there are 3 members who DON’T have Myzmer mythic’d not a problem. Then Anonymous is eligible to register, for purposes of defense they will all be present, but since there are only 3 “attackers” the devs will place them in a much lower bracket. They will still probably dominate that bracket since their bonuses are so much higher and will probably cause the opponents to lose and their invaders will get flawless victories, but then again it is potentially 3 vs 30 at that point. So maybe not…

I know its CRAZY… but… I DO believe there’s merit to this…


tl;dr- Once you attain Mythic x4 of a GW exclusive troop, you may no longer participate during that troops exclusive week.

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I adore you @efh313. But, I really don’t like this idea at all. Why should people be barred from playing because they played well?


would rather make the reward table less contrasted (better rewards for lower ranks and smaller rewards for higher ranks) , but any idea for improvement is nice

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not because they played well, because they played too much :sweat_smile:

reaching 200lv statues is not a matter of quality but quantity

Nah. You don’t fix a system you perceive as unfair by being unfair to other people in the system.


Played too much?? Everyone gets 30 games a week. Sooo…

yes but the top is about statues not games played

Right back at you pretty kitty! :wink:

Don’t think of it as barred think of it as championed. You have already attained the maximum of the best prize, this frees up space in the brackets for other guilds to move up, which has been a big concern elsewhere.

If the concern is that the players is missing out on the rewards then during those weeks, give them a shiny Champion Crown over their avatar and send them a prize package of gems and gold in an amount that is fair.

But this would be a reasonable mechanic by which to gently nudge higher guilds out of the brackets to allow those behind a shot at troops they need, when those other guilds are just disenchanting the most important commodity in the game… TROOPS!

Re: Annerith:
Yet again, your point doesn’t hold water. Some guilds are just old. It doesn’t mean they “played too much”.

However, all that is moot. People in the top guilds didn’t ask for any of the extras in this system. That’s all on the devs.

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Hell, the devs can even have a Champions Bracket and during those weeks Guilds with mythic GW troops can compete for even more gems and crap that doesnt include the exclusive troop. That way you can still brag about being ON TOP! :wink:


my pont stands as it doesnt mean they played well, at most it can mean someone else before them played too much

that replies to no subject, nobody says players asked for this, its kind of sad but i think devs kinda misunderstod or hoped it would match the ppls request about better ranked rewards based on pvp ranked rewards complaint from earlier on (which is one disappointment i have)

I am curious, have the Devs ever explained what the point in the top guild getting 100 cards instead of 101 or even 105 cards? It’s almost like a slap in the face. “We’ll give you alllllllllllllllmost enough to get it to Mythic but you have to wait for it to come all the way back around to get that 1 last card. Trololololol!”

Edit: I figured it out. Wasn’t thinking about total cards needed to get to Mythic from common which is much more than 100 lol. I need coffee.


first top1 problems :sweat_smile:

but i do get your point,

plus if a guild decided to indeed pass on the gw (out of their kindness) to let other guild get their missing cars its better if they indeed get those 104 the first time

Oh, I know. Sour grapes are the flavor of this week. It is easy to assert that the guilds that end up in top 3 this week did nothing like work their butts off to work together to build 4-color teams to deal with a handful of cheese RNG heavy defenses. Surely, they are just there because of their old age.



Just for clarity: I personally am ok with the system as is, I would prefer a better distribution scale as @Annaerith mentioned above but this was just a brain child that I thought was worth sharing.

And not to play devil’s advocate but if this were 100% true:

Then the top guilds should be happy to stand aside and let their lower ranked “buddies” have a shot at the top spot. Right? :wink:

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im not asserting that but there is probably like 150 guilds who did more or less same job and effort to fight in that battle yet the victory will go for the “played more” in the end (among those who played well, excluding less active/dedicated guilds)

they guild wars seems to require small activity (only 30fights /week) but in reality it asks a lot of activity (to get the sattues) which becomes the real requirement

we can wait till a week or few weeks ends but it will be visible in the end

It’s a competition. Pure and simple. So, it makes no sense to have people sit out imho.

Personally, I think the rewards should spread farther. That’s the problem that needs to be solved. But, I’m not in charge of the game.


This 100%! :slight_smile:


im all for competition, but i want a fierce battle that will depend of weeks worth performance

but instead it basically depends on whole guild history worth of performance

sure it requires both the current week and guld-life-worth but the balance is just too high to the second one to my taste

thank you for partially agreeing with me about the rewards :slight_smile:

Brilliantly put! And this is the exact reason why I personally am fine with GW as is, BUT, in light of all the nay saying and frustration, I thought I stumbled on something very outside the box that might offer a way for Top Guilds to feel like they have accomplished something, Championed that troop, and have earned a respite, while opening up spots in brackets which lets be honest there is no way to break into after a certain point.

I would imagine you will see shuffling around the top 50, but those will be the only people competing in the top 3-4 brackets… unless something like this is implemented where once Anonymous, Blazing Dragons, Hoguns, Intrim, Intrim II, MM, MM, ;), etc earn those mythic troops and say “Alright we’re good we have Championed these troops already. You guys battle it out.” Then the resource gain for new, younger, lower ranked guilds will truly be insurmountable. And only by taking the place of a person in one of those top guilds will somebody be able to gain more than 1 copy a week…

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